About us



Giovani Idee s.r.l. has been founded in 1997 by italian manager Paolo Zini and stands out in the manufacture of man and woman knitwear and t-shirts.

The company has increased its relevance in the industrial pole of Carpi over the years and the target is especially addressed to young and dynamic women who want to be cool.

Cooperation, experience and creativity of the staff link to costant attention to the market demand, the100% made in Italy production and high quality standards are the virtues that allow the company to cooperate with some important private labels like Les Copains, Wanda Mode – Clips, Elisa Cavaletti, Emamò, Eria and others.

Moreover the selection of the best stuff, new techniques of cold and hot dye, accuracy of handmade items, dressmaking and manufacture, the mix of the best yarns and fabrics, capability to work with a lot of texture and stuff like cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fiber ecc. are the strongest features that satisfy our customers.